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Time for a lighter view of the Craft. Enjoy our range of Masonic joke and cartoon books.

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  • Secret Handshakes and Rolled up Trouser Legs by Richard Gan, SB, 128pp. If you really want the truth behind all the myths and misconceptions about Freemasonry this book is for you. The fact that the few things that most non-Masons are able to say about Freemasonry are that it is a secret society, whose members attend meetings where they wear aprons,...

  • The Sign of a Mason. By M. Faulks, 2008, HB, 80pp. A great new collections of jokes which will help whenever you need a rib-tickling one liner at the festive board. This book only contains jokes about Freemasons and Freemasonry and the royalties for this title wil be donated to Life Lites, a new masonic Samaritan Fund which helps Freemasons and their...

  • Laughter on the Level, by Martin Faulks, HB, 2012, 79pp. This book is a handy compendium of masonic jokes and one liners. All royalties from this book are donated to "Break", a Charity which provides holidays and respite care to children and adults with learning disabilities.

  • An Educational Masonic Puzzle and Quiz Book Did the Freemasons build Washington D.C? Do candidates drink blood from a skull during their initiation? And what happens with that goat?  Find out the truth about the Freemasons and uncover their secrets through 100 puzzles, games and quizzes.  The puzzles and tests are accessible to anyone, whether a Freemason...

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items