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Masonic Talks

Talks to be performed in Lodge, Chapter or other Masonic Units.

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  • Whether you are a girlfriend, wife,partner or close relation of a Freemason or a Freemason to be,you will find within this light hearted guide, the answer to almost every question you will initially ever need to know about Freemasonry.

  • Let Me Tell You More. By Rev. N. Barker Cryer, 2009, paperback, 112pp. In this book, the author presents an eclectic collection of subjects of interest to the reader such as preparing a candidate for Initiation, What do I say about my own initiation to those who ask about it?, an alternative presentation of the Grand Lodge certificate, the Sources of...

  • I Greet You Well by Mike Lawrence, 2018, SB, 223pp. This book contains twelve easy to read lectures packed with all manner of Masonic facts and information. Read at home to establish a good Masonic knowledge base or present to the Lodge on nights when you are without a candidate. With over 60 Illustrations and ranging from 20 to 25 minutes in duration,...

  • Mark and Ark Talks by Mike Karn, 2018, SB, 85pp. The 20 talks in this book cover a range of interesting topics including A Mark of Independence, The Keystone, The Overseers, Who was Adoniram, working tools, Biblical Noah, The Deluge and Why the Pophyry Stone. Each talk is separate and distinct. It can be used on its own and will last from 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Lodge Talks by Mike Karn. Signed by author, 2016, Spiral bound, 64pp. This book covers 15 talks with a range of interesting topics Including Jacob's Ladder, Music and Masonry, The Hand of Friendship, The Master and the Gavel plus Many More.

  • Rose Croix Essays. By John Mandleberg, 2005, 208pp. Rose Croix Essays has been written to provide a series of talks for delivery at meeting of Rose Croix chapters. However, it will also provide to the interested reader, whether or not a Mason, a fascinating insight into the origins and history of the Ancient and Accepted Rite and how it has grown to the...

  • Rose Croix Essays by John Mandleberg, 2005, HB, 208pp. This book is to provide a series of talks for delivery at meetings of Rose Croix chapters. However, it will also provide to the interested reader, whether or not a Mason, a fascinating insight into the Origins and History of the Ancient and Accepted Rite.

  • Living Landmarks of Freemasonry by Barry Mitchell, 2014, SB, 96pp. This book is a collection of tried and tested lectures to be performed without the need for rehearsal and will be of great interest to those Brethren wishing to address their Lodge with a presentation or entertain during the Festive Board. The collection covers a dozen Craft treatises with...

  • I Just didn't know that by Revd Neville Barker Cryer, 2013, SB, 104pp. I have to declare at once that the Lectures presented in this collection are for the former group and have all been given, some of them many times, when Lodges have no candidate, when they just want a change from perpetual ceremonies. 

  • Finding The Mark by Richard L. Gan and Professor Aubrey Newman, 2019, HB, 400pp, This book consists of easy to read, in-depth and researched Lectures from the Grand Stewards Lodge. Written by a number of distinguished Masonic Scholars on a diverse range of subjects relating to Mark Masonry as a whole.

  • The Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees a series of Essays by Brian W. Price, 2019, Spiral, 196pp. This series of talks on The Allied Masonic Degrees will intrigue everyone interested in Masonic History as they examine degrees excluded from the Craft at the union of 1813.

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items