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  • Masonic Networks & Connections by James W Daniel.This book has a series of essays about some of the individuals who played key roles in nineteenth century freemasonry including the Earl of Carnarvon,Canon George Portal,and the Earl of Ripon emphasing their international involvement with Canada,the U.S.A,Australia and Sweden.

  • The secrets of Freemasonry - everyone is always talking about them. Was £19.99 Now £5.00

  • Through the Lodge & Chapter doors, by M. Giddy and G. Brook, 2013, hardback, 320pp. A history of Freemasonry in Surrey. This book reveals the huge diversity of the Lodges and Chapters and shows the evolution of the movement. LIMITED EDITION.

  • The Compasses and the Cross by Stephen Dafoe, 2008, HB, 160pp. The author looks in detail at the origins and evolution of the Masonic Knights Templar from their beginnings in the middle of the eighteen century to their present form.Was £25.00 now only £5.00

  • For 400 years,incredible stories have been woven around the 'invisible' Brothers of the Rosy cross. Allegedly founded by 'Knights of the Golden stone' Christian Rosenkreuz,it is said they were the harbingers of the 'Last Light'-a fantastic outpouring of divine science and higher consciousness.

  • So You Want to be a Freemason by Julian Rees, 2009,112pp. This book is the first written specifically for the non-Mason who is thinking of joining the Freemasons but doesn't know where to begin and look for easy to understand information.

  • The Mark Degree by David Mitchell, 2003, HB, 96pp. Interesting, informative and instructive, the book should prove of great value to all Mark Masons and provides the new advancee with a wealth of knowledge to prepare him for every office.

  • The Winding Staircase by Huw Pritchard, 2014, SB. This book examines how Freemasonry's use of Symbolism and allegory can provide the Freemason with tools to assist him in both facing the challengers of his everyday life and in exploring his spiritually. Was £12.99 now £5.00

  • The 2006 Exhibition, which starts on 13th July 2006 to 20th October 2006 (admission free), has produced the book "The Hall in the Garden". The Headquarters of English Freemasonry have been located in Great Queen street since the last quarter of the eighteenth century.This book tells the story of the various buildings on the site and explores how...

  • Freemasonry Decoded by Kevin L Gest, HB, 2014,256pp. The Key to understanding the secrets of Freemasonry lies in a mysterious ritual known as the Royal Arch, believed to have existed for 300 years-at least. This book reveals how Freemasonry and the shape of its ceremonies developed against the back drop of religious conflict, secrets and mysteries veiled...

  • Ornaments, furniture and jewels, by Julian Rees, 2013, paperback, 96pp. One of the Emulation Lectures tells us that the interior of a Freemasons' Lodge is composed of Ornaments, Furniture and Jewels. It becomes clear in this book, they symbolic significance such as the Blazing Star, the Square pavement and the Tesselated Border.

  • Masonic Speech Making, by J.W. Hobbs, 1971, paperback, 184pp. How to prepare and deliver masonic speeches for all the occasions. Over 170 speeches and replies are given in full, covering almost every occasion that a Freemason will encounter.Was £9.99 now £5.00

Showing 1 - 12 of 20 items