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Masonic D.V.D's to increase your knowledge of Freemasonry

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  • Inside the Freemasons D.V.D which was shown on Sky 1 is now in stock and available to order. No Subtitles are available on D.V.D

  • VC Commemorative D.V.D recalls The Unveiling of the VC Memorial Stones in the presence of HRH THE DUKE OF KENT, KG GRAND MASTER on 25th April 2017. In Memory of Freemasons awarded the Victoria Cross during The Great War 1914-1918. Price includes Donation to the VC and GC Association

  • The Knights Templar d.v.d filmed in Europe and the Middle East and illustrated with maps,graphics and superb illuminated manuscripts this is the definitive history of the Knights Templar.

  • Inside Freemasons' Hall D.V.D 2014 is a up to date version of the Headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of England and the Library and Museum. This D.V.D also contains new and old footage all about Freemasons' Hall, its many roles today and Grand Lodge first meeting place.

  • Produced, written and interpreted by Rhonda Bachmann (soprano) and the late Peter Gellhorn (piano), this DVD was specially recorded in Freemasons Hall. Rhonda Bachmann, as Adelina Patti, and Peter Gellhorn, as Wilhelm Ganz, recreate the format of an 1886 banquet in the presence of the Prince of Wales and perform some of the music and songs of the period...

  • A Mighty Good Man and the True story of the Rosicrucians double D.V.D. A Mighty Good Man is a drama-documentary of the life of Elias Ashmole which includes the reconstruction of the first personally recorded Free Masonic Initiaion. The True story of the Rosicrutions D.V.D is a journey of discovery into the secret world of magic,heresy and alchemy.110 mins...

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items