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Philosophy means love of truth, and truth is one of the three great principles of Freemasonry.

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  • Sacred Secrets. Freemasonry, the Bible and the Christian Faith. By Mike Neville, 2012, paperback, 255pp. The general interest in Freemasonry and its rituals has in inspired the author to offer an insight, a guide, to the stories used in Masonic rituals and their link to the Bible and Christianity. Mike Neville has cross-referenced to the most influential...

  • This book is an introduction to the tradition. It outlines its origins in Biblical, mythological and metaphysical terms that explain why existence came into being,according to Jewish mysticism.

  • The Magus of Freemasonry by Tobias Churton, 2006, SB,303pp. Tobia Churton's compelling portrait of Elias Ashmole, offers a perfect illustration of the true Reinassance figure - the magus. Ashmole was one of the leading intellectual and spiritual lights of the time, an accomplished alchemist and close friend to some of the most brilliant men in England....

  • Gnostic Philosopy by Tobias Churton, 2005, paperback, 463pp. In the language of spiritual Freemasonry, gnosis is the reflected stone necessary for the completion of the Temple, a temple of a new cosmic understanding that today's heirs to Gnosticism continue to strive to create. This is a book that speaks to the condition of our age.

  • Know Thyself Using the symbols of Freemasonry to improve your life, 2016,sb, 176pp. Now you can learn how to use the symbols of Freemasonry to improve your life. Discover why generations of successful individuals, from Billionaires to astronauts.

  • Enhance your Masonic knowlege, by Ronald J.R. Hart, 2013, paperback, 77pp. This volume containes chapters on the most ancient Lodge and Temple (Kilwinning), the origins of our Lodge columns, the symbolism of the Past Master's jewel, myths and legends and glimpses of the Royal Arch ritual as well as the Vault.Was £12.99 now £5.00

  • Belief and Brotherhood. By Rev. N. Baker Cryer, 2010, paperback, 95pp. In Belief and Brotherhood the author explains why it is possible for a Christian of whatever tradition to hold membership in both these Societies.

  • Making Light by Julian Rees,2006,SB,128pp. This book is written in an easy-to-read style, contains in-depth discussion of the three degrees and suggests avenues for exploration for those who want to go further. It is a perfect gift for the newly-made Freemason, and a welcome companion for any serious Freemason who is on the path of self-improvement, no...

  • Hidden Depths by Jonti Marks, 2013,SB, 108pp. Following on from the success of Level Steps this companion volume offers further practical insights into the deeper spiritual meanings of Freemasonry, with particular reference to the symbolism and forms of the Holy Royal Arch.

  • The Secret School of Wisdom by Josef Wages & Reinhard Markner, 2015,HB,447pp. In this volume, a comprehensive ritual book for the order has been re-assembled for the first time. It comprises every core degree, as well as further associated texts and fragments. The reader is guided along the same path as many of Germany's most enlightened men were in...

  • The Stairway of Freemasonry by Julian Rees.For any enquiring mind,whether Freemason or not,this little book sets out to help answer questions - not so much:'What does it mean? but rather: What can it mean? since the journey is concerned not with learning other people's answers,but in working out answers for yourself.Was £9.99 Now only £5.00

  • Level Steps by Jonti Marks, 2013, SB, 108pp. 100 Daily Meditations for Freemasons is a beautiful and practical book offering insight and inspiration to all Freemasons who are interested in the deeper meaning of the Craft.

Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items