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Are you looking to increase your knowledge of Masonic history? Well go no further than taking time to view our wide range of history books including English Freemasonry and the First World War.

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    Isaac Newton's Freemasonry by Alain Bauer, 2007,SB,146pp. This book is valuable for those who are interested in Freemasonry either because they are members or for reasons of intellectual curiosity.

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    The Medals and Jewels of British Freemasonry by Trevor I.Harris,2007,HB,140pp.This is the first general book of British Masonic medals to have been published in the past,but have been limited in scope as they refered to specific collections.The aim of this book is to present a user-friendly listing of British Masonic medals and jewels.

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    The Open Door, The order of Women Freemasons 1908-2008 by Ann Pilcher-Dayton, 2008, SB, 298pp. This book is not intended to be a critical history of the Order of Women Freemasons, but it is hoped that it is as objective as possible. The Open Door was written for members of the Order and interested outsiders.

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    The Knights Templar. The History and Myths of the Legendary Military Order by Sean Martin. SB, 2004, 174pp. The myth of the Templars was born and, in the ensuing seven centuries, they have exerted a unique influence over european history: orthodox historians see them as nothing more than soldier-monks whose arrogance was their ultimate undoing, while...

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    George Farrah, pp, 2003, 278pp.The aim of this book is to put together evidence collected from biblical, archaeological and historical sources, for a thorough, critical and hopefully stimulating discussion on the temples at Jerusalem and their connection with Freemasonry.

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    The Knights Templar by Paul Ivison,2005,SB,112pp.'In 1118, nineteen years after the fall of Jerusalem to Christian hands, nine Knights arrived at the court of King Baudolin II, ruler of the new kingdom. The Knights stated that their mission was to protect the Pilgrims en route to the Holy Places of Jesus and they had taken vows of Poverty, Chastity and...

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    John Webb, 1998, paperback, 64pp. On 21st October 1805, Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson led the British fleet to victory against the combined might of the Franco-Spanish fleet. It was one of the most important and decisive battles in british naval history. An interesting book which gives more people the opportunity to learn about the life of this brave and...

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    New Exhibition book Discovering Friendly and Fraternal Societies, their Badges and Regalia, SB, 2005, 160pp. Written by Victoria Solt Dennis.Was £6.99 now £5.00

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    Masonic Networks & Connections by James W Daniel.This book has a series of essays about some of the individuals who played key roles in nineteenth century freemasonry including the Earl of Carnarvon,Canon George Portal,and the Earl of Ripon emphasing their international involvement with Canada,the U.S.A,Australia and Sweden.

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    The Changing face of the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution by J. W. A. Reuther Deputy President RMBI. The story of the RMBI is a fascinating one. This book examines the Origins of the organisation and how it has evolved over more than 150 Years.

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    Espionage, Diplomacy and The Lodge by Ric Berman, 2017, SB, 299pp. This book unveils one of the least known but most significant figures in eighteenth Century Britain. Charles Delafaye under- under Secretary of State, Magistrate, anti- Jacobite, Spymaster and Freemason who was part of Whitehall's inner circle and a key conduit for intelligence from the...

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    Who was Hiram Abiff by J.S.M.Ward, 2017,HB, 244pp This important work by the late Rev, J. S. M. Ward, a distinguished man of letters, anthropologist and Freemason show early pagan rites were adapted to later religions.

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