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  • The Secret School of Wisdom by Josef Wages & Reinhard Markner, 2015,HB,447pp. In this volume, a comprehensive ritual book for the order has been re-assembled for the first time. It comprises every core degree, as well as further associated texts and fragments. The reader is guided along the same path as many of Germany's most enlightened men were in...

  • Compendium of Masonic Prayers and Graces by Revd Neville Barker Cryer 2010, SB,48pp. The graces and Prayers gathered within this book are from new and older sources and it is hoped that they may enable those who act as Chaplain in Lodges,as well as others charged with that important duty,to vary the content and purpose of what they are offering.

  • Handbook for the Worshipful Master by Frank Rich,SB, 2013,160pp.

  • Charles Carter, 2001, hardback, 100pp. This book covers what you should have already learned before becoming a Juniour Warden, the status of the I.P.M, teaching the younger brethren during other ceremonies are just a few points covered.

  • Richard Johnson, 2003, hardback, 96pp. This book is written to guide the Principal Officers of a Lodge, the three senior Officers, through the range of duties that they will be expected to perform during their years in Office.

  • Lodge and Chapter music for Organists. Includes the Opening odes, Installation of the Worshipful Master, the Entered Apprentice song, Closing ode and many more songs for your Lodge needs Was £15.00 Now only £5.00

  • The Mark Degree by David Mitchell, 2003, HB, 96pp. Interesting, informative and instructive, the book should prove of great value to all Mark Masons and provides the new advancee with a wealth of knowledge to prepare him for every office.

  • The Winding Staircase by Huw Pritchard, 2014, SB. This book examines how Freemasonry's use of Symbolism and allegory can provide the Freemason with tools to assist him in both facing the challengers of his everyday life and in exploring his spiritually. Was £12.99 now £5.00

  • A Glossary of the Craft and Holy Royal Arch Rituals of Freemasonry by A.C.F.Jackman,1992,SB,193pp.The meanings of the words used in Masonic ritual have changed over the last 200 years. This handy little book describes the origins and original meanings of the sometimes obscure words used in our ritual. A must for any serious Mason.

  • What do you know about ritual. The complete Mason's Commentary. By Revd Neville Barker Cryer. 2008, SB, 92pp. This educational new volume has been designed to fulfil the great demand for a straightforward and informative book to guide prospective candidates through the various aspects of the Masonic Ritual. It includes helpful insights into the ceremonies...

  • Harry Carr, Rev. F Smyth, 1992, hardback, 408pp. This is one of the most successful Masonic publications in recent times due to the immense knowledge of the late Harry Carr and his entertaining writing style. This is a book to be treasured, one that will provide a wealth of knowledge in an easy to read style. A collection of more that 200 questions with...

Showing 25 - 36 of 56 items