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  • Things to do when you have nothing to do by David West, 2014, SB, 196pp. This book is based upon the experiences of an ordinary private, provincial Lodge which now initiates three or four candidates a year.

  • Secret Handshakes and Rolled up Trouser Legs by Richard Gan, SB, 128pp. If you really want the truth behind all the myths and misconceptions about Freemasonry this book is for you. The fact that the few things that most non-Masons are able to say about Freemasonry are that it is a secret society, whose members attend meetings where they wear aprons,...

  • The Secret School of Wisdom by Josef Wages & Reinhard Markner, 2015,HB,447pp. In this volume, a comprehensive ritual book for the order has been re-assembled for the first time. It comprises every core degree, as well as further associated texts and fragments. The reader is guided along the same path as many of Germany's most enlightened men were in...

  • Belief and Brotherhood. By Rev. N. Baker Cryer, 2010, paperback, 95pp. In Belief and Brotherhood the author explains why it is possible for a Christian of whatever tradition to hold membership in both these Societies.

  • Hidden Depths by Jonti Marks, 2013,SB, 108pp. Following on from the success of Level Steps this companion volume offers further practical insights into the deeper spiritual meanings of Freemasonry, with particular reference to the symbolism and forms of the Holy Royal Arch.

  • Freemasonry Today binder for you to keep all your Freemasonry Today magazines together.

  • Whether you are a girlfriend, wife,partner or close relation of a Freemason or a Freemason to be,you will find within this light hearted guide, the answer to almost every question you will initially ever need to know about Freemasonry.

  • Delving Further Beyond the Craft by Revd Neville Barker Cryer,SB,2009,96pp. Inspired by Keith Jackson's classic book Beyond the Craft this book delves further into the world of Freemasonry to investigate the origins and meaning of some of the most fascinating and misunderstood orders within the craft.

  • So You Want to be a Freemason by Julian Rees, 2009,112pp. This book is the first written specifically for the non-Mason who is thinking of joining the Freemasons but doesn't know where to begin and look for easy to understand information.

  • Let Me Tell You More. By Rev. N. Barker Cryer, 2009, paperback, 112pp. In this book, the author presents an eclectic collection of subjects of interest to the reader such as preparing a candidate for Initiation, What do I say about my own initiation to those who ask about it?, an alternative presentation of the Grand Lodge certificate, the Sources of...

  • A Guide to Masonic Symbolism by Duncan Moore, 2009, HB, 208pp. This book sets out a clear and easy to understand explanation of Masonic symbols primarily for the new Mason and interestered general readers,although long serving Masons will find much of interest in this new look at symbols and what they signify.

Showing 25 - 36 of 175 items