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  • Red Leather Masonic bookmark with Freemasons' Hall, London and Square and Compasses Logo.

  • Leather Temple Doors Bookmark

  • United Grand Lodge of England Leather bookmark in cream.

  • Man and Mason- Rudyard Kipling by Richard Jaffa, SB,257pp. Rudyard Kipling remains one of the most intriguing and elusive personalities in English Literature. There are many dimensions to his work, but no-one has examined in depth his interest in Freemasonry. This book looks at the life of both the young Kipling and the older one,and shows how,at two...

  • The City of London, a Masonic Guide, Yasha Beresiner, SB, 2006, 96pp. The City of London and Freemasonry have a past connected in many interesting and convoluted ways. This work takes you on a tour of some of the main landmarks of the City of London revealing the intriguing and mysterious Masonic connections.

  • A Guide to The Tyler's Work. By Duncan Adams, 2008, SB, 50pp. This book is a guide for Tylers in order for them to complete all their duties from dressing the Lodge to the Ceremony of Installation.

  • The Director of Ceremonies and Assistant Director of Ceremonies, by Richard Johnson, 2010, paperback, 80pp. The D.C. role in a Lodge to ensure that everything that happens in a Lodge meeting and at the festive board that follows, is carried out properly. This books concludes with a very useful checklist of duties.

  • The Templar Code by Christopher Hodapp,2007,SB,360pp.This plain English guide explains who these mysterious figures were,how they rose so high and why they fell so far. You'll explore Christian theories that involved the order and discover the role they played in important events,such as the French reveolution and the cival war.

  • Conspiracy Theories and Secret Societies for Dummies by Christopher Hodapp, 2008,SB,362pp.Whether your a skeptic or a true believer, this fascinating guide,packed with the latest information,walks you through some of the most infamous conspiracy theories and introduces you to such mysterious organizations as the Freemasons,the Ninjas,the Mafia and...

  • Freemasonry An Introduction, Mark E. Koltko-Riviera, 2011, SB, 198pp. Whether you are interested in becoming a Freemason, or simply want to learn more about this fascinating subculture, Koltko-Riviera's guide explores all the basic issues around Freemasonry, such as: what is Freemasonry and history, masonic symbolism, what are the historical controversies...

  • The Emulation Pocker series No1 is The Inner Gaurd's Work Today by Graham Redman, SB,40pp.This booklet when read in conjuction with the Emulation ritual, contains all that the Brother appointed Inner Guard needs to know in order to carry out the duties of his office efficiently according to the Emulation system of working.

  • The Emulation Pocket series No2 is The Junior Deacon's Work Today by Graham Redman,SB,52pp. This booklet, when read in conjuction with the Emulation Ritual,contains all that the Brother appointed as Junior Deacon needs to know in order to carry out the duties of his office efficiently according th the Emulation system of working.

Showing 1 - 12 of 175 items