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Are you looking to increase your Masonic History knowledge. Well go no further than taking time to view our wide range of Masonic History books including English Freemasonry and the First World War.

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    Espionage, Diplomacy and The Lodge by Ric Berman, 2017, SB, 299pp. This book unveils one of the least known but most significant figures in eighteenth Century Britain. Charles Delafaye under- under Secretary of State, Magistrate, anti- Jacobite, Spymaster and Freemason who was part of Whitehall's inner circle and a key conduit for intelligence from the...

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    Who was Hiram Abiff by J.S.M.Ward, 2017,HB, 244pp This important work by the late Rev, J. S. M. Ward, a distinguished man of letters, anthropologist and Freemason show early pagan rites were adapted to later religions.

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Showing 49 - 50 of 50 items