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Are you looking to increase your Masonic History knowledge. Well go no further than taking time to view our wide range of Masonic History books including English Freemasonry and the First World War.

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    Freemasonry,Symbols,Secrets,Significance by W.Kirk MacNulty,2006,HB,320pp.Drawing on some of the world's greatest collections of Masonic material,and including many objects never before published,this book offers a uniquely accessible,captivating and comprehensive picture of the organization.

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    Studies on Traditional Freemasonry by Fabio Venzi, 2013, SB, 240pp. This book aims to answer three crucial questions about Freemasonry.What is the historical origin? What kind of institution is it and what are its aims with careful and rigorous analysis of historical documents and Masonic evidence.

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    Freemasonry a Journey through Ritual and symbol by Kirk McNulty, 2005, SB, 96pp.This volume explains Freemasonry's part in a long tradition of Western mysticism, going back to the middle Ages if not beyond, and shows the Craft to be a complex framework for inner growth, a development psychology which presents the twentieth-century Mason with a viable...

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    The 2006 Exhibition, which starts on 13th July 2006 to 20th October 2006 (admission free), has produced the book "The Hall in the Garden". The Headquarters of English Freemasonry have been located in Great Queen street since the last quarter of the eighteenth century.This book tells the story of the various buildings on the site and explores how...

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    The English Masonic union of 1813, by John Belton, 2012, paperback, 137pp, The bringing together of the ancient and moderns to form the United Grand Lodge of England in 1813 was a tricky matter. How all this came about is not just an english tale, but an irish and scots as well.

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    Schism - The Battle that Forged Freemasonry. By Ric Berman, 2013, paperback, 321pp.Schism examines the creation of the Antients Grand Lodge and traces the influence of Ireland and the London Irish and, most especially, that of Laurence Dermott, the Antient's Grand Secretary, in the development of Freemasonry in the second half of the 18th Century.

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    The Genesis of Freemasonry by David Harrison, 2014, SB, 223pp was first published in Hard Back in 2009. This book is a revealing but thoroughly enjoyable journey the intricate history of English Freemasonry. He examines the earliest known Freemasons and their obsessions with Solomon's Temple, alchemy and prophecy to the formation of the Grand Lodge in...

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    Freemasonry by Giles Morgan, 2007, SB, 160pp. In this fascinating book, Giles Morgan looks at both the realities and the myths behind Freemasonry and distinguishes one from the other, while providing a concise, readable and compelling account of the world's most famous secret society.

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    The Compasses and the Cross by Stephen Dafoe, 2008, HB, 160pp. The author looks in detail at the origins and evolution of the Masonic Knights Templar from their beginnings in the middle of the eighteen century to their present form.

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    Turning the Templar Key by Robert Lomas, HB,2007,383pp. Turning the Templar key investigates the facts, challenges the conspiracy theories and takes you on an inspiring and complex quest to uncover the truth and motives behind the enduring myth of the Templars

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    Sir James Stubbs and T.O. Haunch, 1983, hardback or paperback, 68pp. This book gives a brief guide into the history of Freemasons' Hall and an impression of how it is reflected in the building and its contents.

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    A Journey in Stone by Craig Weightman, 2015, SB, 173pp. This book is a guide to that path in which explores the transformative symbolism of Freemasonry and its effect on the Masonic workman. Starting with the rough ashlar, the symbol of the individual as they enter Masonry, he moves through an explanation of how the working of stone is an apt metaphor for...

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