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Are you looking to increase your Masonic History knowledge. Well go no further than taking time to view our wide range of Masonic History books including English Freemasonry and the First World War.

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    Three Centuries of English Freemasonry by Library and Museum of Freemasonry,2016,32pp, SB. This guide is an Introduction to Three Centuries of English Freemasonry, an exhibition gallery opened at Freemasons' Hall in London to mark the 300th Anniversary of the first Grand Lodge in the world, formed in London in 1717. On display in the gallery and...

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    NOW AVAILABLE English Freemasonry and the First World War by Library and Museum of Freemasonry, 2014, SB, 96pp. When Britain Declared War on 4th August 1914, English Freemasonry faced ' unprecedented circumstances'. How did lodges cope with members being called up to fight? This fascinating book covers The Masonic world in 1914, The impact of the war,...

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    The Great War 1914-1914 by Granville Angell, 2014, HB, 528pp. Enjoy reading the stories of the unique deeds of outstanding valour of these 91 Freemasons, gathered by the author's meticulous research in over 17 countries uncovering previously unknown facts. Over 100 photographs and maps help illustrate the tales of these truly remarkable brave deeds.

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    Freemasonry Decoded by Kevin L Gest, HB,2014,256pp. The Key to understanding the secrets of Freemasonry lies in a mysterious ritual known as the Royal Arch, believed to have existed for 300 years-at least.This book reveals how Freemasonry and the shape of its ceremonies developed against the back drop of religious conflict, secrets and mysteries veiled in...

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    Freemasonry & the Enlightment, by James Stevens Curl, 2011, HB, 356pp.This book offers a wide-ranging, thorough and superbly illustrated study of Freemasonry's influence of Western culture.Preface by Andrew Prescott.

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    A journey through Freemasonry, by T. Roberts, 2010, paperback, 85pp.A compilation of topics from around the world. A book for the Craft from Initiate to Master. Interesting reading, touching on masonic philosophy: family virtues, morals, ethics and respect.

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    The Liverpool Masonic Rebellion and the Wigan Grand Lodge. By David Harrison, 2012, paperback, 113pp.This book by historian Dr. David Harrison, traces the strange tale of the last great Masonic rebellion which started in Liverpool in 1823. Such was its strength, it sent shockwaves through Freemasonry in England.

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    The Key to Modern Freemasonry, by Prof. Charles C. Lawrence, 2011, SB, 484pp.Why are Freemasonry's rituals laced with scientific concepts and the imperative for learning? Why such a reliance on allegory? Why is science enshrined in the Ritual? Prof. C. Lawrence sets out to answer those questions with the same profound analysis and detached stringency he...

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    The secrets of Freemasonry - everyone is always talking about them.

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    Through the Lodge & Chapter doors, by M. Giddy and G. Brook, 2013, hardback, 320pp. A history of Freemasonry in Surrey. This book reveals the huge diversity of the Lodges and Chapters and shows the evolution of the movement. LIMITED EDITION.

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