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    World of Freemasonry by Harry Carr, 2017,HB, 409pp. Reproduced are 15 of the author's most noteworthy and fascinating articles covering a wide range of Masonic subjects, some of the articles were written as speaking Lectures. Harry Carr makes even the most complex of subjects come alive so that all will enjoy and understand.

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    Tracing boards of the 3 Degrees by Julian Rees, 2015, SB, 98pp. The Tracing Boards are an essential part of the Craft Degrees, assisting the Freemason in his quest to decode and interpret those allegories. The first three chapters give a detailed method of understanding and revealing the import of the three Craft boards , based on those used in the three...

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    I Greet You Well by Mike Lawrence, 2018, SB, 223pp. This book contains twelve easy to read lectures packed with all manner of Masonic facts and information. Read at home to establish a good Masonic knowledge base or present to the Lodge on nights when you are without a candidate. With over 60 Illustrations and ranging from 20 to 25 minutes in duration,...

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    Freemasonry for Beginners by Robert Lomas, 2017, SB, 195pp. This book takes you behind the scenes and back in time to reveal the origins, Symbols, rituals, organization and philosophy of Masonic Fraternalism. Comic art and illuminating graphics by Sarah Becan help to explain the history and traditions of Freemasonry.

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    Mark and Ark Talks by Mike Karn, 2018, SB, 85pp. The 20 talks in this book cover a range of interesting topics including A Mark of Independence, The Keystone, The Overseers, Who was Adoniram, working tools, Biblical Noah, The Deluge and Why the Pophyry Stone. Each talk is separate and distinct. It can be used on its own and will last from 10 to 15 minutes.

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