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    Masonic 6 Luxury Christmas Crackers contains one of the following Masonic gifts, a hat and Masonic Joke. Collapsible Cup, Money Clip Crystal Key Ring, Bottle Stopper, Rectangular Cuff Links and Cushion Key ring. Gifts Worth £ 77.50 IDEAL FOR FESTIVE BOARDS 

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    An Inital search fee is payable where no lodge name or number is known. Non refundable in the event of a negative result.

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    Through the Lodge & Chapter doors, by M. Giddy and G. Brook, 2013, hardback, 320pp. A history of Freemasonry in Surrey. This book reveals the huge diversity of the Lodges and Chapters and shows the evolution of the movement. LIMITED EDITION.

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    Commited to the flames by Arturo de Hoyos and S.Brent Morris.This book gives full transcriptions of all of his rituals, an analysis of their place in Masonry and biographies of Folger and his major contemporaries in his Masonic work.

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